Tired of Slow Progress?

Fast & Personal

I will work with you hand in hand and you get a question flatrate to solve all of your problems right away.

Effective & Individual

This is not a copy and paste program. I will individually plan out the future for you for maximum progress.

Body & Mind

We will focus on progress inside and outside the gym. You will become a more successful person overall.

Discipline & Diligence

I will be on your ass. I am here to get the maximum out of you and I do not allow half measures.

Health & Hormones

Whether you need your Blood Values checked or Professional Cycle help, they call me the God Of Hormones.

Power & Potential

Strong Body, Strong Mind. I teach techniques and methods to ensure that you excel at any goal in sight, socially, physically and mentally.

It's Time for a Change.

In over 15 years of coaching, I trained over 16,000 clients. I coached casual lifters, average Joes and Josephines who wanted to change their health and lifestyle. I had the privilege of coaching professional athletes in various sports in the highest leagues like the NBA, UFC and even the Olympic Games. I am a mastermind in my field and I will have the perfect solution for you in my repertoire.

I make sure my clients become a more successful, productive, efficient and intelligent person in and outside the gym. The fitness industry is full of ineffective copy & paste plans that simply do not work. In my coaching, I daily interact with my clients to solve all questions. I will teach you how to use training, nutrition, and supplementation to get a crucial advantage in life.

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Every goal is special and requires unique coaching.

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    • Smartphone
    • Bodyweight scale
    • Being ready for big changes
    • Being serious about your goals
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    12 Hours

    We don’t waste time! After payment, I will come back to you within 12 hours. Your first official day starts when I planned everything for you. Everything is fair!

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    If you have any questions about the Coaching feel free to leave me a message on my Social Media or just write me an E-Mail using the Contact form below. I will reply within 12h

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499,- / 1 month

  • 1on1 Coaching with Nikita Udovichenko
  • Individual Training Plans
  • Food Choice & Macros
  • Health & Lifestyle & Hormones
  • Mental Motivation & Sharpening
  • Accountability & Discipline
  • Exclusive Insider Content
  • 24/7 Question Flatrate
  • Direct Contact via Messenger


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